Shaked, Sun 2.3.08, Morning

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Leah, Yocheved

06:15 Reihan (Bartaa) Checkpoint

People stand by the gate, ordered to enter in fives.
Two workers energetically clean up garbage around the checkpoint.
Under the roof, a large quantity of eggs!
07:00 – four pickups arrive with produce.
People are exiting the upper sleeveinfo-icon from the terminal angry: "more than one hour in a room."

07:30 Old Bartaa (agricultural) Checkpoint opens

Three flocks of sheep and goats cross, after the soldiers collected the IDs of everyone waiting, checked them, and released one by one.
Three people who arrived at 08:00 didn’t pass. The soldier claimed they were late – even though according to our watches it was not yet 08:00. When we argued with the soldier, he gave the usual response: "Let them learn to obey orders."