Abu Dis, Container (Wadi Nar), Thu 6.3.08, Morning

Netanya G., Shira V. (reporting)

06:50 Wadi Naar

The checkups were more thorough this morning than usual. We had the empression the BP force was larger than the usual.

Almost all vehicles that contained passengers (vans, taxis, buses) were stopped and requsted to stop on the side of the road for the documents of the passengers to be checked. The rest of the taxis and the vans were requested to show the IDs of the drivers at least, and very few went through without any checkup (all athe few vehicles who came from  the north, and very few who arrived from the south). This throughness is very unique on the background of what we usually see lately in the morning time.

The checkups were very efficient, and meticulous. Vehicles waited up to 15 minutes. At any given moment there were detained vehicles, at a certain moment we counted even six vehicles detained.

A bus full with passengers going towards Sawahara-el-Sharkiye was requested to stope aside, and a sample of IDs was taken from the passengers for checkup. The bus too was sent on his way within fifteen minutes. 

At some point a boy was taken from one of the transits into the shed of the checkpoint. We saw the soldiers open his bag and take him aside. The other passengers of the van claimed that he is a boy of 18 who had forgotten his ID. Later we saw him talk on his cell-phone (we asken him about it later), and a few minutes later he was released and joined the van he traveled that left towards iots original destination.

The stench of the nearby municipal garbage ditch was felt every once in a while.

08:00 We left the place.