'Anabta, Jubara (Kafriat), Qalqiliya, Thu 28.2.08, Morning

Shoshana Z., Biriya L., Nina S. (reporting) Translation: Galia S.

07:25 – There is a delay in the entrance until the key to the village entrance gate is found. At the Schoolchildren's Gate the soldiers don't allow anyone to pass without a permit. Clarification over the phone reveals that we are not allowed to pass. On the eastern side of the gate, there is a red sign announcing the entrance to Palestine. Civilians and cars pass quickly. At Ar-Ras there are only few cars. On the way back to Jubara, we had to call the soldier again to open the gate for us.

07:50 – The line of cars heading Tulkarm stretches to the junction of Einav – Beit Iba. It took a truck 10 minutes to pass. Fifteen minutes later, the line dissolves. From the direction of Tulkarm the passage is fairly quick. Some taxis are sent to stand aside for an additional inspection. For every document check, the soldier has to go to the pillbox, where there is probably a computer or a telephone, which delays the inspection.

Two taxis are sent back to Tulkarm. A lot of passengers get off the bus and cross the checkpoint on foot to save time. According to our check, it took a car 35 minutes to pass.

10:50 – Quick passage. Short line at the entrance.