'Anabta, Eyal, Sun 24.2.08, Morning

Orna P. Naomi K. Natanya translating.

Eyal 7.10
At the Ayal crossing the last of the people come out saying that there were delays at the exit. We tried to find out from the soldiers why this was so and they said that there is always pressure on a Sunday. We saw 4 checking post in spite of the pressure which was expected.  At Irtach there had been no problem according to the workers and at Jubara there was no line . People from Jenin and Tulkarm between the ages of 16-35 could not exit. One detainee waited for his ID. He had been caught trying to bypass but the soldiers said that if it was found that he was not wanted he could pass.

Anabta 7.45
 At the exit a line of which one could not see the end. Again the same limitations as at Jubara. Residents of Israel could enter as opposed to the situation last week.  We asked Tammie to request reinforcements for the checking area