'Anata, Abu Dis, Container (Wadi Nar), Wed 5.3.08, Afternoon

Rina H., Julia W., Rahel W. reporting


There was increased security at Anata.

  We counted 10 security when we arrived, including two policemen from the equestrian division, several private security guards, and blue policeman, and several border police.  Perhaps this was because of the disturbances over the weekend.  Two lanes were open for vehicles entering Jewish Jerusalem and one entering Anata.  Traffic moved quite quickly, even though there were frequent inspections of cars (coming into Jerusalem).  



No checkpoints into or out of the area, even though the sign warning Israelis not to enter is still posted there.


Wadi Naar

 When we arrived, there were huge lines of traffic heading in both directions.  As usual, within minutes of our arrival, the traffic started moving much more quickly.  The DCL representative, E., came over to us and started chatting in a very pleasant matter.  He explained the long lines by saying it was the busiest time of the day.  And there was indeed, a huge volume of traffic, but from the time we got there, it moved very quickly.  Several transits whose passengers' i.d.'s had been taken for inspection were waiting below the checkpoint, but most were returned by the time we left.


At about 3:30, large numbers of workers – most over the age of 35 but some who appeared to be younger—came to the checkpoint.  They passed through quickly and without incident.  As we drove away (via the Qedar Road), we saw vans discharging their workers up the road so that they were able to circumvent the checkpoint.  That might be a regular occurrence, but it was the first time we noticed it.