Abu Dis, Container (Wadi Nar), Sheikh Saed, Mon 3.3.08, Morning

Rina R., Maya B. (reporting)


We started by going to Wadi Na'ar  at 6:30  since Rina reported problems there  last time  she went. 

We arrived around   7a.m.  and found the place almost deserted.  All the cars just went by, none were stopped and  the B.P.  soldiers  were very relaxed and friendly,  including DCO  officer  called A.  He tried to explain to us how  intricate  a check point Wadi Na'ar is.  It was so quiet  we thought may be  there is a closureinfo-icon  because of  the fighting in Gaza.

We  decided to check on Sheich Saed.

  Getting    there we had to go back to Jerusalem and  to  Ras el Amud.  We went into east  Jerusalem with some aprihension  anticipating

Some stone throuwing   and  rioting  youngsters,  but  it apparently began   after we drove though east Jerusalem.  Sheich  Saed  also seemed deserted  and   only when we drove back to Zur Baher  up the hill and a lot of teenage boys were on the road   I thought   that the potential for violence was very real.