'Anata, Abu Dis, Container (Wadi Nar), Thu 28.2.08, Morning

Meira A., Shira W. (reorting)

07:00 Wadi Naar

Very thin traffic at the checkpoint. As we arrived there was a detained van that was released withing a few minutes.

A., the representative of the DCO approached us and spoke with us very politely. It is the second time that we meet him at this checkpoint. A. asked us if we came upon specific problems lately at the checkpoints, and even gave us his phone number in case there are any problems. According to him there is a representative of the DCO at the checkpoint every day from 06:00 untill 16:00-17:00. He also told us that they think of putting there a representative of the DCO at night too

. I think that he has good will and we should get his help in case we need it.

At some point one of the soldiers openned the hood of one of the cars and detained the driver and the car for a few minutes. A. calimed that the reason is prevention of criminal acts - they do catch many stolen cars at this checkpoint. In other words (mine), police activity is one of the aims of checkup in this internal checkpoint.

07:20 We left the place.

07:50 Anata

We arrived at the school children rush hour , but it seems that school bussing is getting along smoothly organized, and in order. The movement of vehicles and pedestrians at the checkpoint is flowing.