Beit Iba, Sun 24.2.08, Morning

Orna P., Naomi K. Translation: Judith G.

 08:30  Beit Iba. No entry for residents of Jenin and Tulkarm.  Angry young men are standing outside the checkpoint.  Their anger is aimed also at us:  "You are here for the soldiers and not for us – see if you can help us!"  We asked a number of professionals to give their personal details to us in order to appeal to the High Court.  Only one teacher agreed to give his details.  We didn't turn to the DCO because our past experience has taught us that this is useless – they won't help.  The health services, law and education were partially shut down because of the restrictions.  Female students could enter freely.  There were no detaineesinfo-icon.  Students gathered around next to the checkpoint, in hope that they might be allowed to enter;  or maybe they were planning how to get around the checkpoint.  One of the soldiers  didn't like this big gathering and pushed one of the young men who was standing at the exit.  The young man moved off.  We asked the checkpoint commander to prevent aggressive behavior on the part of the soldiers.  The commander agreed with us and promised to act about it. There were no flying checkpoints.