Beit Furik, Huwwara, Za'tara (Tapuah), Wed 6.2.08, Afternoon

Mealat S. Sharon L.

Natanya translating.


14.40  Zeita. 4 taxis park across the CP, one of the drivers says that the checkpoint has already been there for 5 months and that every time the soldiers want to pass they move a stone and when the Palestinians complain about the barrier the IDF close the road with the iron bar too. He says Marda is open.
At the crossroads of Za'tara/Tapuach are 12 cars and many soldiers.

At the village of Huwwara there are 3 soldiers who work quickly.

15.12 Huwwara CP.
A long line of people with 3 checkpoints and the passage is swift. The humanitarian line, mainly women, is faster. R. from the DCO says that today everythingis normal and the soldiers know their work.
Next week there will be soldiers from "Nahal". But a young man says he waited 3 hours.

15.50 Beit Furik.
Not many cars or people and the passage is swift because someone says they are cleaning the checkpoint. We stood behind the white line and the soldiers shouted that we had to stand at the orange sign on the other side of the checkpoint. Mealat says to the soldier that if that is his won order he should come and tell us himself and we stand there and no one bothers us.

16.20 back in Huwwara. 
No change in the situation. A  bus comes and the passengers alight and are checked on by one. So no other car can pass and a line of 20 cars forms and after 20-30 minutes the bus goes on its way and only then are the other cars allowed through while being carefully checked and this takes about 10 minutes..
At the village the checkpint is still in actions and only a few cars pass quickly. But we are stopped by two soldiers who look at us and our Machsomwatch flag with hostility and tell one another not to speak to us and bang on the car with a "Yalla go."

17.06  Next to Marda there is a traffic jam though we could not see what is happening,