Qalqiliya, Thu 31.1.08, Afternoon

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Observers: Dafna B. Yfat D. (reporting) Guest: Rachael L.

18:00. Qalqilya.
 Many people are waiting in their cars at the only entrance to Qalqilya (the town is surrounded by a wall). The drivers at the beginning of the queue say they've been waiting for 40 minutes.' It's like this every day', one of them says. (Other MW observations confirm this). There are about 40 cars waiting at one end, and 13 at the other. It is dark. These are people waiting to return to their homes at the end of a working day. The soldiers are definitely checking faster since our arrival. (We spied on them before they could see us). Dafna called the Qalqilya DCO to complain about the long wait, and was told they will try to speed things up.

We left at 18:22.