Beit Iba, Tue 12.2.08, Afternoon

Amit Y, Miriam S. Natanya translating.

14.30 Beit Iba
Rain and streams of water on the road and it is very difficult to get to the checkpoint.  The Palestinians say that for the past 4 days there has been a new checkpoint 5 kilometres north of Tulkarm and men under the age of 35 cannot pass. This is the segregation of which we heard at Anabta. They say that they wait long hours on their way to work. The entrance is like a river ...the same as that which we saw two weeks ago. There are 10s of people and two lines for the young men and one humanitarian line. Sometimes some of them are given a body check. The commander and the representative of the DCO are not present and the military police try to send us off from where we can see. A large soldier whistles while he checks IDs  and another is having a long conversation on the phone while the cars wake.

16.40 We leave while the rain beats down. Pictures of those walking in the water are attached. .