'Anabta, Ar-Ras, Mon 15.10.07, Afternoon

Elisheva A, Yona A (reporter)Translator: Orna B

13:40 All is very quiet. Hardly any vehicles are passing through. Two soldiers man the checkpoint on the road leading from Tulkarm. A soldier is sitting in the observation tower. The soldier resting under the net informs us that Blue and White women are nearby and introduces us to his adopted dog Ganja.
14:30 The shed at the side of the road at the Anabta junction, where they used to sell drinks and fruit, has disappeared. According to the cab drivers one day the soldiers came and gave the instruction to remove the shed. The cab drivers too are removed from the road side at the junction. The instruction was given before the holiday (Id el Fiter). Today there are 4 cabs standing there. When the soldiers arrive they tell them "Scram!" They leave and then return again. It is their livelihood. They ask for our help to try and change this decree.
At the checkpoint itself the checkpoint commander, a sergeant, approaches us and greets us politely. We asked him for the reason for the decree regarding the cab drivers and he answered that the instruction had been given not at the battalion level but at the brigade level.
Thin traffic in both directions and there are no delays.