Abu Dis, Container (Wadi Nar), Wed 13.2.08, Morning

Edna P., Anat T. (reporting)
08:45 Wadi Naar (the container)

There is one detained taxi when we arrive, and it is released immediately. The DCO representative approaches us, and he tells us that he will stay  there all day long.

We tell him about a phone call Anat got yesterday noon from a taxi driver, and he had told her about people that were thrown on the floor, and were beaten. The humanitarian center was inquiring, and inquiring through the Zeitim DCO, but got no answer despite a few approaches. He knows nothing about the case, but he was not there yesterday. He tells us that if the checkpiont will not be evacuated, it will be enlarged, and built as a permanent building. This is very strange, since we where always told that this is an internal checkpoint, among the first to be abolished in Jerusalem area.

While we were there - about twenty minutes, there were no delays at the place.