Reihan, Thu 14.2.08, Morning

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Habie N., Raya Z. (reporting)
06:20 - 09:10
06:20 - Aanin checkpoint
Drizzle. We were told that there were about 30 people awaiting passage.
Passage is like in recent days, slow. Rain or shine .
N. says that recently residents of the village are kept away from the fence. they are prevented from getting to houses located near the fence and up to the fence itself.
Shepherds  herding their sheep were detained at the gate. A 14 years old boy who is  slightly mentally challenged, along with some of his friends had burned a tire near the lower gate and was detained for about two weeks.
He was finally freed but his family had to pay a fine of NIS 1,000.00
07:10 - Shaked
Despites the rain, traffic is heavy. Children go through swiftly , they are not required to stand in line. A few women with small children wait to go through in the rain and there is no shelter in place.
Otherwise passage runs smoothly.
07:40 - Reihan
Traffic is heavy here as well. People come and go.
There are 7 vans loaded with vegetables.
E. a taxi driver was involved in automobile accident by the bridge and was  taken to the hospital. I tried talking with him on the phone but reception was poor.
Five more vehicles are awaiting inspection. The first driver is on his way home in Barta'a  from his night shift in Jenin. He says that he has been waiting there for 20 minutes. Prior to that he had to wait in Mevoh Dotan for about 10 minutes. We timed his extra waiting (from 08:18  to 08:33)  and then four vehicles went in at the same time. I couldn't see when exactly he had left but as we were leaving, at 09:10 we watched the last out of four cars drive away.
Again there is a line of six cars. Car number 5 which has been waiting since 08:18 has yet to enter the inspection area.