Reihan, Shaked, יום א' 10.2.08, בוקר

Ruti T., Leah R. (reporting)
Translation: Yael Bassis-Student
06:20 - 09:30
06:20 - Rihan-Barta'a checkpoint
Apparently there are many  people inside the terminal because there are many more who crowed at the entrance sleeveinfo-icon on the Palestinian side, unable to enter the building.
Wallid wrapped up inside his coffee booth. It is very cold.   E. reports of new road blocks on the way.
07:10 - Shaked checkpoint
There are about 20 people waiting on the other side of the fence. Some complain that although they hold valid permits, they are sent to the DCO to obtain a new permit. They may have returned home through another checkpoint.
It appears as if decisions and rules are changed and are more strict whenever there is a change in shifts of soldiers at the gate.
08:10 - The old Barta'a (agriculture) checkpoint
About 20 people are ready to go through. Soldiers on site had collected their papers.
Two herds of sheep also await passage.
Someone says that his father and brothers can not obtain permits to get to work on their land. For some reason, only he, the youngest in the family, did get such permit.
Other farmers were not allowed through as well, despite the fact that they held permits. The soldier explains to us that the DCO permit is no longer sufficient, now one needs to get a permit from the Brigade commander also, that was beyond our comprehension-  either one has a permit or he does not.
08:40 back to the Rihan-Barta'a checkpoint.
Many complain of the long passage inside the terminal rooms, while other say that passage is swift.
There are about 10 pickup trucks loaded with vegetables. We are told that some drivers park their trucks in line the night before .
On the hill across,  there is a bulldozer working, we hope that this is not another unnecessary some thing.
People appear bitter and in despair.
09:30 - We left