'Anabta, Beit Iba, Wed 6.2.08, Morning

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Inbal R. Rina Z.

Natanya translating.
Lately the settlers of Kedumiem have been throwing stones on Palestinian cars.
Today there were no limitations of movement.

Beit Iba. 9.05 -10.20

Most of the time there was no line of cars in either direction because the checking was swift. Today there was also a dog trainer who checked randomly. This has been the case in the last months because of the difficulties of getting permits for cars without which one cannot go into or exit Nablus. Those entering Nablus are not checked but at the exit the checking is long and nerve wracking. Men have to go through the magnometer and to strips everything , sometimes even their shoes and it is bitterly cold. Luckily in the morning few are leaving Nablus so there is no long line.

At Anabta residents of Jenin  even those between 18-35 are allowed to pass. To our surprise at Beit Iba there were no limitations. What is the thinking behind all this.

At Anabta we saw a car with a smashed windscreen which had been broken the previous night by stones thrown by the settlers of Kedumiem. A police car came along and they reported this but the police said there was nothing they could do and did not even make a note of the incident. We told them to report the matter to Yesh Din. Two weeks ago we had come across the same incident and at Qalqiliya a driver said he had also had stones thrown at him in the same area. Yehudiet A. from Yesh Din said that there had been numerous reports but that was about the settlers at Havat Gilad and Svut Alon  which are both illegal settlements.