Reihan, Shaked, Sat 19.1.08, Morning

Sarit A., Rachel C. (reporting)

07:00 Reihan Checkpoint

Vans wait in the upper parking lot.
The checkpoint crew is organising. The yellow gate is closed. Dogs are barking.
Very cold. Bitter wind.
We are stopped at the entrance.
07:10 – the yellow gate is open. We receive permission to pass.
The soldier in the emplacement is busy putting on "Hermon" coveralls, behind him – the bar with bucket.
At the pedestrian gate, 6-7 people enter immediately. The parking lot is empty. But for two cars, not a living soul.
Even Walid has not come this morning. People come one by one, on foot or in taxis, and enter immediately . We didn’t meet the seamstresses this morning.
We decide to go on to Shaked. On the way we encountered those who have entered. Seems that the check was fast. No pressure in the rooms.

07:40 Shaked Checkpoint

Shaked camp is decorated with Israeli and Armored Corps flags.
The area of the gate is empty. A soldier approaches us. Not hostile, but curious. The flag that’s flying belongs to the assault company of Romach Battalion.
The soldier says there were no schoolchildren all week – holidays.

08:05 Reihan Checkpoint

Four vehicles being inspected at the checkpoint, two waiting (until 08:20 approximately).
In the sleeveinfo-icon, a lot of movement, people coming and going. Festive families, women smartly dressed. Passage is fast.
The terminalis are divided by the central partition. Two stations are operating.
Two gaps in the wall, in two "seams" between concrete slabs, have been carefully closed with rocks and cement. Only one slit remains, through which we can see stylish potted plants.
08:40 – we leave.