Beit Iba, Sun 23.12.07, Morning

Yael A. Rachel H. Leah S. Natanya translating.

Beit Iba

8.00  Many pedestrians and cars. The pedestrians in both directions are checked quickly and while we were there no one was detained. There was a long line of cars and some of the kiosk owners say that people wait two hours. This seems to be most exaggerated as while we were there cars passed in a steady stream and the line shortened quickly.  Last time we were here locals said that this long line is a daily occurrence and will only end when the road is widened. We saw no cars detained. The commander refused to speak to us and the soldiers although very closed were polite.

Many of the locals turned to us abut a rolling checkpoint at Jit which causes great pressure and a long wait.  We have heard this story many times so we phoned Elisheva about it so that she could contact whoever could help and maybe the afternoon shift can go and check it out themselves.