Reihan, Wed 30.1.08, Afternoon

Nava R, Hedva H. (reporting)

Translation: Devorah K.

11:45 - 13:00
You might have expected that in cold and stormy weather such as we are 'privileged' to have today, the CP would be almost deserted. But it is not. Quite a large number of people are coming and going and there is a lot of noise. Already at the entrance to the CP, when we were delayed more than usual, we could discern that something quite extraordinary was happening at the vehicle CP. Twenty Palestinians were standing there in the tent, and it looked as if they were undergoing some inspection procedure before going to the seamline zone. Ultimately we found out that things in the terminal were not as they had been. People were detained on their way to the West Bank.

When we approached the vehicle CP, the person from the security company, who was in charge, called out to us from the other side of the road. He volunteered to explain what was happening. It seems that for several days, the CP and the terminal have been undergoing refurbishing, apparently as part of the installment of a new computer system. What won't they do in order to make the occupation more efficient?!  They did not think that the work would continue on such a cold day , but since the workers with their heavy equipment have arrived, the people from the West Bank did not go though the terminal (where the work was going on) but were undergoing the inspection outside. At least here they did not have to undress! Only their pockets were searched .. and whatever else was necessary.

According to the man in charge, before this there were no delays in the terminal except for a few minutes. He also told us that because of the weather, which was making the inspection difficult, only trucks with vital supplies, such as flour, oil, sugar, eggs, but not fruit and vegetables, are allowed to go through. "This is for their benefit, so that they won't have to go through the entire inspection procedure in this cold..."
It is a pity that nobody there thought of putting up a sign with clear instructions to the people coming from the West Bank to go to the temporary inspection place. This way they have to run in the rain in the direction of the gate to the terminal and then see their mistake ... and obviously there are a lot of other stuff that's "a pity' .

We leave as soon as possible so as not to freeze!
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