'Anin, Reihan, Shaked, Thu 31.1.08, Morning

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Raya Z., Leah R. (reporting)
Guest: Adam (Canada)
06:15 Aanin Checkpoint

The fields are covered in a layer of frost. Beyond the fence many people are waiting. There is a regular procedure but the slowness is depressing: remove hat, open umbrella, raise shirt – in the cold. Five minutes per person. Somebody says that 15 permits have been confiscated today. One man says that his wife, a resident of Um el-Fahm (in Israel), had her identity card and passport impounded because she visited Aanin, and also lost her income security from National Insurance.
We saw a detained man in Aanin. We were not allowed to approach and talk to him. Later, his relatives contacted Raya to say that the man had not returned home. After many clarifications with the Humanitarian Centre, we were told that the man was arrested because he jumped over the fence. As far as we could see that was not true. He tried to enter under the lower gate, on the Aanin side, after the soldiers closed it at 06:30. The man is still in detention.

07:25 Shaked-Tura Checkpoint

Teachers' strike today, after school holidays and a break because of the death of George Habash (one-time head of the Popular Front). Few people crossing.

08:00 Reihan-Bartaa Checkpoint

People coming from the West Bank and entering the terminal. As they come out, they tell us that the transit took from half an hour to an hour.
A visitor from Canada, a photographer close to the left, came with us after already visiting checkpoints in the centre. We went with him to East Bartaa.