Hebron, Sansana, South Hebron Hills, Sun 13.1.08, Morning

Elena L., Paula R. (Reporting)

06:30 – 09:00

Sansana-Meitar CP
Many laborers were already on the Israeli side, waiting for the contractors, warming themselves before little bonfires, on this ice-cold morning. There was no queue on the Palestinian side, so we drove on.

No detaineesinfo-icon at the CPs in H2 Hebron. At the CP to the Tel-Rumeida neighborhood, we went into a conversation with a soldier, who claimed that all they did was doing their duty and that they behaved humanely, but sometimes “rudeness is necessary”, even disrupting a whole household. We can only hope that Elena’s words and her reading out to him the MachsomWatch letter will have an affect on him, especially since he intends to join the regular army. Stefan, the ISMnik, said that he finds the situation calmer now than two years ago, when he visited the area first. But he told us of further harassments to the Abu-Seifan family by the settlers, who invaded again his plot of land. The military and the police did not do anything against the invaders, but detained some of the beaten Abu-Seifan family, and released them later.

Yellow lines, what do they signify?

On our way back, looking at the yellow lines on road No. 60, drawing attention of the drivers to the temporary route, we thought of the other yellow lines drawn all along the H2 district of Hebron up the Rumeida neighborhood, that signify unashamedly (and in yellow!) that these are apartheid roads, and that any Palestinian vehicular movement of any sort is strictly prohibited.