Abu Dis, Container (Wadi Nar), Ras Abu Sbitan (Olive Terminal), Sheikh Saed, Mon 28.1.08, Morning

Rina R., Maya B. (reporting)
6:30  AM.  we set out for Sheikh Saed. 

It is very cold  and  we still  meet a lot of small children on our way down to the C.P.  they are all bundled up and wading through the mud.  At the C.P.  there are  three guards, only  one seems to be B.P.  the others are   security  men.   We are almost the only people there.  The  road underneath the C.P.  is  roped off.  The area  that is  roped off gets longer and wider each time we get there. which makes it increasingly  more difficult to find a place to park.   

We  decide to check on Sawachra  C.P. 

Ssince we see a number of cars that are parked outside the gatesinfo-icon.  The place is  a fortress of iron bars,  wired fences,  about eight of them,  going in different direction, gates, a watch tower,  multiple metal barriers,  a real  fortification, where hardly a person comes through.  Just a group of bored soldiers, over a small electric stove,  wondering what they are doing there....

 We continue to Abu Dis which is dead. 

Zeitun  Terminal,  almost empty. 

We ask a man  who is putting on his belt  as he comes out,  how long it took to come through and his answer was , just a few minutes. 

On to Wadi Na'ar. Hardly any cars.  A few taxis  zoming by,  some trucks  as well and two  Israeli cabs,  with Palestinien drivers,  and covered  numbers are being checked thoroughly.