Bethlehem, Thu 17.1.08, Morning

Rachel F. and Nora B.
5:30 – 7:30
Rachel Crossing – Israeli side:  the checkpoint opened at 5:10. On the Israeli side only 4 windows open, in two of them, digital prints are checked  (in one of them, only arbitrarily - some yes, most no), which further delays the crossing. We tried, unsuccessfully to contact the person in charge of the checkpoint so that at least another window would be opened.

On the Palestinian side, as usual, many people waiting and the crossing takes about 45 minutes. In order to avoid pressure on the Israeli side, from time to time, people are stopped on the other side.

At the terminal is very cold, and people that wait on the Palestinian side from 4 in the morning, complain that there is no protection from cold or rain, when they have to wait outside.

Bet Omar:
we delivered documents. A military jeep on the side of the road.

Nebi Yunes
:  we delivered documents.