Reihan, Shaked, Sat 13.10.07, Morning

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Yehudit H, Rachel C (reporting)

07:30 - 09:00

007:30 Shaked (Tura) Checkpoint

Quiet, deserted, too early for a festival morning.
We decided to return at a later hour (but didn`t).

07:45 Rihan (Bartaa) Checkpoint

In the upper parking lot one car, waiting for passengers.
One toilet open. Not clean, perhaps the cleaner hasn`t yet got to it. And perhaps the holiday, so the compound workers have been let off. But no, for later on we see the worker with the baggage wagon and a pail of water.
We ascend the sleeveinfo-icon. Individuals coming out: "The soldiers are nice today." As time passes, more and more people and families dressed for the festival. They pass quickly with their packages.
On the way to the Palestinian lot, we encounter somebody in the outfit of authority. "You are forbidden to pass the yellow gate. If you do, I won`t permit your return." He is shift boss of the security men and is prepared to be identified by name only if we are army or his boss. He promises to check whether we are allowed to pass the yellow gate. When he doesn’t do that, we pull out the list of names that Neta and Anna got for us. According to the instructions, we asked him to call Rabia. Doesn`t move. Then we ask which of the four names is present today. Appears that Sharon is. We ask him to call Sharon. "He will come only if he wants to talk to you." Meanwhile, someone contacts him on the radio, and that`s how we meet Dima. Sharon reasons that Dima isn`t a local, only "filling in because some people are missing." We pass.
Walid makes coffee, and we meet the drivers. Not all our acquaintances are there.
Many cars waiting for families coming out to them. And many that are passing to Bartaa.
On the way out, we meet a group of people from Kfar Ara who want to cross to visit family in Yabed, but are not allowed.
That`s how it is in our places.
Happy holiday!
09:00  we leave.