Bethlehem, Etzion DCL, Tue 29.1.08, Afternoon

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Brenda H., Rahel W(reporting)


DCL Gush Ezion, Bethlehem Crossing

It was a very cold, overcast, threatening afternoon.  We went first to the DCL at Gush Ezion.  There were two young men (about 20yrs. old) waiting.  We had difficulty communicating but learned that one of the men, from Hebron, was there because he had been summoned by the GSS.  He had already been inside but had been told to wait (in the unheated) reception area and had been waiting for an hour.  Two men emerged from the inner offices carrying what appeared to be permits. A few minutes later, another man in his 20's came in saying that he too had been summoned by the GSS.  Both were still waiting when we left.

When we arrived at the Bethlehem Crossing, there was a private security guard at the entrance.  Two windows were open, but almost no one was going through.  Within a few minutes, groups of people started coming through.  Even though only two windows were open, the people moved through very quickly.  We timed the wait as being less than 5 minutes.

Very uneventful shift.