'Anata, Ar-Ram, Sun 27.1.08, Morning

Maiera A. Avital T.,Natanya translating.

This is the morning
after the terror attack and we expect tension and reinforcements of the army.

At Anata the cars are crowded as it is on any other morning between 7 and 8 and
cars are checked more carefully but there is no tension in the air. Children
wait for transport and taxis for passengers and people with blue IDs pass

At Ar-Ram the usual line of 7-8
cars which are careful checked. Pupils in small groups wait while a soldier
leafs through a big
file. As yet there is no rain but during the week when snow is expected the
pupils will stand exposed to the elements with no

On the way to Wadi Nar
the hills of Jerusalem are covered in mist but along some of
the road is a long line of cars.

Cars are checked and
sent on their way without delay. The soldiers, most of them
Border Police look more