'Anata, Abu Dis, Container (Wadi Nar), Sun 20.1.08, Morning

Meira A., Avital T. (reporting)
Anata 06:45

The traffic flows. There is no traffic jam and no pressure. There are almost no pedestrians and it seems that the soldiers try to quicken the procedure. There are no pupils too.

Wadi Naar 08:00

It is quiet up the road, but from the south and from thewest one can see the end of the cars' line. A short while after we arrived the blocking openned and we counted about a hundred cars that went through immediately. For no apparent reason they detained many tens of taxis, lorries and private cars during the big rush hour. They kept on doing thislater, but in smaller dosage.

On the side of the road there is a bus parking. It has come from Beit Lehem and is going to Jericho with students, and to Alenby Bridge with passengers to Jordan. The bus is being detained for a long time, because the soldiers are  checking on the computer all the documents, and until they finish there is no chance to go on. The students have exams, and the travellers have time tables, but we have to guard and we bother only those who happen, by chance'to fall into our hands.

The bus driver explains to us the problems and the wasted time, we turn to the sodiers, but to no avail.

In the meanwhile the soldiers stop about nine taxis and start checking them. Is it because of our talk with them? in front of our eyes they let tens of taxis go by without any checkup.

A minor morning conferrence. Fluent Hebrew is spoken by Beit Lehem people. The taxi drivers complain that this is the worst place of them all. There is nothing to check and there is no reason for that. They detain for no reason.
We were asked to tell the comander that the checkpoints are only learning points for terrorists. Every time they arrest and let go all of them. The new commander S. relates to everyone like he is a terrorist. He probably has come here from a worse place and thinks that everyone is like that.

We called Elisha and asked him to enhance to procedure with the documents. When we started the car we saw that everyone was released, but the bus. But it might be that at the bottom of the checkpoint there is the next traffic jam.