Bethlehem, Etzion DCL, Wed 26.12.07, Morning

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Drora P, Ora A. (reporting) Yosef M. (driving and assisting), translation Ruth B.

Bethlehem, El Nashash, Nebi Yunas, Ezion DCL

06:45 Bethlehem

A large crowd is gathered around the exit waiting for a ride. There are only two buses present. They probably did not expect such a large number of passengers. In the checkpoint there are five posts open with long lines in front of each. People were moving quickly through the checkpoint, however the lines were not shortening. We are told that at the gate on Bethlehem side many more people were gathering. 

07:20 El Nashash

No one approached us 

07:50 Nebi Yunes

Two drivers approach us with problems related to the traffic police. They gave us copies of their documents and we will try to help. 

08:45 Ezion DCL

The place is empty. Few people are waiting inside hoping to get licenses. We called Maher, and as usual he did not answer and did not leave any recorded message.