Bethlehem, Etzion DCL, Sun 13.1.08, Morning

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Sylvia P., Ofra B., Renana S., Chana A.(reporting)
7:00 Bethlehem, CP 300: Many people outside, reporting that the crossing had taken around 40-50 minutes. Inside the lines were still long. Again there were waves of people, once the lines were gone, a new wave came and the workers reported long lines at the other side. Five windows were open. Every Sunday three parents with infants going to dialysis in Shaarei Tsedek come through the line (a father and two mothers. They band together going to the dialysis unit.) Today the father reported that his wife, who had another babyinfo-icon three weeks ago, had tried to get permission to cross the checkpoint on Saturday morning at 3AM to get medical help in a Jerusalem hospital for the bleeding she was suffering from. After a long and painful pleading with the soldier at the window, she was NOT allowed to pass and had to return to Bethlehem and the check into the hospital there, leaving a pool of blood behind her.

8:00 Etsion DCL: We signed one Palestinian on forms to the High Court. At the DCL the tourniquets were closed, people were waiting and no one could get in because the metal detector inside was out of order. Soldiers tried to repair but were unable to. We called but to no avail. No one could get in. We left at 10:10.

The same man from Wallaje who came last week and was asked to come back today, was there. He was supposed to meet with Adel, the DCL person in charge of land, but was not able to get in. Our telephone calls to Tedesa, the replacement for Amir, did not help, even though T promised to call A. After a while, T was no longer available, but on second checking, the Wallaje guy did see Adel and showed him the maps he had with his possessions on it.