Beit Furik, Huwwara, Za'tara (Tapuah), Sun 2.12.07, Morning

Edna L., Yael B. (reporting)

Translation: Rachel B.S


7.30 - the entrance to Zeita is blocked with concrete cubes. A hummer is standing next to them.


7.45 -  Za'tara CP - 7 cars from the east and 17 from Nablus.


8.00 - Beit Furik -  no cars, and very few pedestrians.

8.20 - Huwwara CP -  about 20 people are waiting in line under the shed.
The DCO says there was a lot of traffic earlier in the morning. It is raining. 3 inspection posts are working.

9.00 - just a few people are waiting in line.

9.15  - a man with his arm in a cast is detained in the isolation cell.

9.20 -  a woman with a heart attack is on her way to Nablus in a cab, the DCO allows the cab through although it doesn't have a passage permit.

9.35 - another detainee is brought into the isolation cell. It is cold. The sun comes out some times between the rain shouwers.

9.55 - we asked the DCO what is going to happen with the detaineesinfo-icon. He says one of them will be released and the other one held.

10.00 - one of the detainees is released. when he comes out we ask him about the circumstances of his being detained. He says that he has been in prison for two years. He got out two months ago, and ever since he has been detained at the CP every day.

10.10 - another detainee is entered into the cell. We see the DCO bringing a board to the detainees cell, so that they have where to stand in the flooded cell, he says. I ask the CP commander why wouldn't he let the man with his arm in cast wait under the shed near by instead of the flooded cell. His answer: "what would I say to the mother of a soldier who may be hurt by this man?". I say: "what danger could there be to anybody from a guy with his arm in cast, how could you imagine anything like that?" he: "you're right, you convinced me". And he takes the guy outside the cell. Still waiting to see if he is released or not.

10.30 - a boy who appears to be about 13 years old is sent back ("Ruch l'il Beitack" - go back home), no sooner than his body and luggage get  inspected. It turns out that he is being sent back because he has no ID or guardian parent.


11.15 -  Za'atra CP - two cars from each direction. One of the concrete cubes blocking the road leading to Zeita has been removed.

11.35 - as we have pre-arranged with the DCO and the lady at the humanitarian Center, she informed us that the man with the cast was finally released (after detention of two hours and a quarter!)