Beit Furik, Huwwara, Za'tara (Tapuah), Sun 30.12.07, Morning

Monica (guest) Edna L., Yael B. (reporting)

Translation: Hanna K.

7:30 - The entrance to the road leading to Zeita is blocked by concrete obstructions.

7:45 Za'tara CP
There is no queue of cars coming from the west.
17 cars were counted in the queue coming from the north.

8:00 Beit Furik CP
There are about 40 people in the pedestrians' queue.
An ongoing queue ( the Palestinians say: 50) of cars.
At the moment it seems as if the soldiers let cars coming from the direction pass. The embittered drivers claims that they have been waiting since 5:00, another one says since 6:00. The soldiers are very tough and  rebuke the people (and us too, of course).They demand of the drivers who are waiting near the CP to see to it that a truck standing on the side of the road leave and go to the end of the line, otherwise they won't pass. The driver who was asked to perform this task returns and says that he failed in his mission, and that the soldier himself should go and tell him. In the meantime they began letting the cars pass.
A limping old man who passed at the side of the queue was sent by a soldier to stand in the queue.
9:00 - The driver of a private car which approached the CP was sent to park it on the side and was put in the detaineesinfo-icon shed. We were unable to find the reason. We shouted to him from a distance our telephone number but he didn't call us.
9:15 - The detainee is still there. There is no pedestirans' queue.
We drive to Huwwara with a stop a Awarta.

9:30 - The Huwwara  CP
There are about 20 people in the queue.
The CP commander, lieutenant D. is friendly.
He told us that in the morning, from 5:00 to 6:30 there was heavy pressure.
An eventless CP routine.

10:45 The Za'tara CP - There are no cars.