Reihan, Shaked, Sun 6.1.08, Morning

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Dvora S. and Hanna H. (reporting)
Shaked-Tura - 07:00
The CP opens and people are beginning to go through to the seamline zone. About 50 people, who organized themselves in a queue beginning at 5:00 AM, are waiting. Little by little groups of students begin to arrive  from the seamline zone side , and they go through immediately. Students on their way to Jenin arrive in taxis. The taxis go through within five minutes; the drivers do not go through the inspection pavilion; people go through in both directions at the same time.

Old Barta'a CP - 07:35
A herd of sheep has already gone through. The passage for people is very slow and those going through complain that it is slower than usual. A young fellow, who goes through with his father every day at this CP and also at the Reihan CP, has been detained with the claim that his ID is counterfeit. When we talked to the father near the gate, we were told to get out with the excuse that there was a "warning and you're not allowed to crowd together." When we tried to talk to the CP commander, he was not willing to respond and we even had the "privilege" of being bad-mouthed. One of those going through told us that this year he was not allowed to pick his olives.

Reihan CP - 08:00
In the inspection compound there are four loaded pickup trucks which entered at 07:10. In the parking lot another nine loaded pickup trucks are waiting.
Four vehicles (private cars and a taxi) are being inspected in the shed; inspection takes about 20 minutes.
At 8:10 the first pickup trucks with their goods, leave and four other pickup trucks enter. They left after an hour.
The expansion of the CP icontinuing - two pieces of earth-moving equipment are digging and laying pipes. In the sleeveinfo-icon, there is slow but continuous pedestrian movement in both directions. But it turns out that inside the terminal, there is still, at this time, some serious delay. People leave after having to stay in the terminal for about an hour .
A taxi with pasengers which arrived at 08:30 is released from the vehicle CP at 09:20. The passengers were released only at 09:25.
Passage from the seamline zone to the West Bank is conducted quickly and in an orderly fashion.