'Anabta, Ar-Ras, Jubara (Kafriat), Wed 9.1.08, Afternoon

Sara P., Tami C. Translation: Galia S.

Tulkarm checkpoints

14:30 – We passed the gate into Jubara while people in the village were taking their afternoon nap. The soldiers didn't quite understand where we popped out from, but the older one composed himself at once remembering we were Machsom Watch activists and permitted us to pass to Ar-Ras.

The soldiers here, who are, like those in Jubara, from the veteran battalion we have known for a long time, greet us when we arrive. They run a quick check of those who come from Tulkarm while entering the city is check free.

A loaded semitrailer arrives from somewhere asking to pass to Tulkarm. They are told that entering Tulkarm is prohibited to vehicles with Israeli licence plates because of President Bush's visit.

Half an hour later we go to Beit Iba.


16:40 – The line of vehicles at the entrance to the checkpoint stretches over to road 55. We walk to the checkpoint and we cannot understand what has caused the delay, but soon enough the traffic starts streaming. On the way out from the city, the traffic is flowing without interruption. Raising the question whether cars with Israeli licence plates are prohibited from entering the city, we are told there is no such prohibition in their instructions (unlike what we were told in Ar-Ras). In short, the occupation "at its best" – the more confusion the better.

When it starts getting dark, we go back home.