'Anabta, Ar-Ras, Mon 26.11.07, Afternoon

Elisheva A. Karen L. Yona A. Natanya translating.

Ar-Ras. 13.50.
Reserve soldiers who take no notice of us while we are there man the checkpoint. One soldier sits in the sentry tower and three check the cars which come from Tulkarm. A taxi stops at the checkpoint. The young men alight, give their IDs for checking and do the dance. The taxi stands at the side and one of the soldiers checks the other cars which are arriving. Taxis are checked carefully and the young men are told to alight.

Anabta. 14.35

Here there are also reserve soldiers. One stands at the southern point and lets the cars through to Tulkarm with no delay. Two soldiers stand at the northern point checking randomly the cars which are exiting. We count 15 cars in the line while we are there. 11 minutes for a truck to get through from the moment it arrives at the end of the line and until it gets to the checkpoint. Here also the soldiers do not speak to us.