Bethlehem, Etzion DCL, Wed 9.1.08, Morning

Y. D. and R. (reporting)
Bethlehem CP, Al Nashash, Nebi Yunis, DCL Etzion

Bethlehem CP
 -06:45 am
There is a curfew today because of Bush's visit.  Only one station is open.  We see five people pass through.  One works for the UN, another two for churches.

Al Nashash
- 07:15 am
One man comes to us for help with a police report

Nebi Yunis
- 07:45 am
No one approaches us for help

DCL Etzion - 08:15 am
There is a handful of people waiting for help.  Two people have come to refresh their hand prints in order to  pass at the CP. The DCL is open and receiving.  A very quiet morning altogether.