Tarqumiya, Wed 26.12.07, Morning

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Arella H. & Yael Sh.

0510 – workers moving quite fast through the checkpoint.  There are 4 stations operating + an additional soldier (who is in charge of the area) who also checks around the CP.

3 border policemen are standing guard.

There is a long line of cars waiting to be checked, mainly pickups and cars carrying workers.

The CP is calm; it takes 20-30 mins to pass through. We’re told that the CP opens at 4 a.m. and some 3,000 workers pass through daily. When we were there 4 workers had been detained, 3 of whom were released after a few minutes. One worker was told he could not pass through. He asked that his pass be returned, but the soldier wouldn’t give it back. The worker left without arguing.

When we left the CP at 6 a.m. there was still a long line of workers waiting to pass through.