'Anata, Beit Iba, Thu 27.12.07, Afternoon

Avital C., Yehudiet L. Natanya translating

 Beit Iba. 14.21  Checkpoint of Jit…unmanned.

14.30 Beit Iba. No pressure and few people.  As soon as we arrived 5 men were freed from the enclosure. But it is a strange process. First they pass in the direction of the new rooms of the checkpoint area of the cars and then they get into a jeep which has an Israeli license number  and is going in the direction of Nablus.  A soldier gets to the car and speaks  (You? Telephone? Communication device?)….we cannot see who he is talking to. They get out of the car and stand and wait on the other side of the road. Afterwards they can go to the checking area of the pedestrians and then they get their IDs back. Again they cross the road in the direction of Kuchin and drive off in the direction of Nablus.

From the little we could find out it seems that they are municipal workers from Nablus who tried to exit in the morning  to their work at Sarra through Beit Iba and were not allowed to do so.  So they went through Hawarra. On their way back they were stopped and were held for 4 hours.

The X-ray machine is not working  and the commander says that it suddenly stopped.  Most of the pedestrians go past in a by lane which we can sometimes see on the side of the turnstile. Most of the time there are few people. A man comes up to us and asks how he can get a magnetic card.  We gave him Silvia's phone number. He said that in 1992 he had been in jail in Israel and once a doctor by the name of Ruchama M.  helped him  when he lost consciousness because of having  been beaten. He got her number from 144 . Today he is an accountancy teacher and lives in Anabta. He invites us to visit and we say one day we will.