Reihan, Shaked, Sat 29.12.07, Morning

Sarit A., Rachel H. (reporting)
07:00 Reihan
There are four vans in the upper parking lot.
07:10 - The yellow gate rattles and opens slowly and we can hear the voices of those waiting on the other side. The sight of the ridiculous well that was put up near the gate made us laugh bitterly at the setting and at this vicious place. Outside the gate there are 50 - 60 people. About 10 women in a separate queue enter ahead of the men. Another group of women is waiting in a car. There is a cold, unpleasant wind outside, where they are all standing .
Now begins a moral education lesson and a class in counting to five. One of the young men is "suspected" of interfering with the magnetic closing of the gate. He is given the runaround for a while, sent back and forth. Finally, he is allowed to enter, but came out very late, long after his friends who entered together with him.
While we drink tea the seamstresses talk to us - about the cold, about coats; they seem quite calm. An hour later, we meet them again as they come out, as pleasant as when they went in, but pointing at the clock, as do all the men we meet. Today as well, our occupation has stolen their morning hours (of work) and those of all the men. At 08:00, all of them began their exit. "The whole morning is gone. A workday is gone. Where will I find the boss now?"
They are right. The barking dogs confirm it. Some of the barks sound like a protest that they haven't received a prize for sticking their noses into the possessions of the 'occupied' citizens.
At 08:40 the passage into the terminal is continuous. Everybody who arrives is allowed in immediately. A young woman with a sick babyinfo-icon in her arms is angry because she has to walk with him in the cold weather and in the morning wind.
09:00 is the rush hour for the taxis to Barta'a. They fill up quickly and drive off. An Israeli car attempts to enter Hermesh and is asked to stand at the side for consultation.
At that time, we left.

09:10 Shaked
We saw three soldiers from the "Lance Brigade". Two pedestrians went through. In order to feel as if we are doing something, we drove two women with a baby who were on the way to a clinic or a hospital.
09:20 We left.