Bethlehem, Etzion DCL, Sun 6.1.08, Morning

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Ofra B., Renana S., Chana A.(reporting)
7:00 Bethlehem CP 300: Lots of people on the streets outside, but also crowds still lined up in front of the windows. Five windows are open, workers coming through report fast procedures this morning, gate opened at 05:00. Putting all these facts together, it seems that the late hour crowds are caused by people arriving late. The cold maybe?

Our Christian women friends complain about their men not being able to come to Jerusalem for the holidays. Today and tomorrow is Orthodox Christmas.

8:40 Etsion DCL: after a long purposely designed detour on the long road back to Gilo, leading to Herodion, we return to Etsion. Not many people, but those who are there have many requests and complaints. One man from Wallaje complains bitterly about his inability to access his land to work the olive groves and other crops. He carries maps with him showing the mass confiscations. We are able to help him get an interview with the DCL person who deals with agricultural access permits.