Etzion DCL, Sun 25.11.07, Afternoon

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Shlomit S., Yael S. (reporting) and a visitor fromCanada


Since we had a visitor, we decided to spend our shift at the DCL.  

The DCL’s have now returned to the days of coordination with the Palestinian DCL’s, when most of the authorizations  passed directly to the Palestinian representatives.   Magnetic cards are issued to whom-ever applies – I didn’t succeed in understanding how the queue was organized, but it seemed that there was no pressure when we were there.   So, at about 2pm there were no people in the DCL.   The turnstile stood empty, and only one Palestinian was there to renew his magnetic card. 

Since there was no soldier at the window, and no-one to open the turnstile, I phoned the civilian administration office and tried to explain to the soldier there what was happening.   However, perhaps the fact of my phoning him annoyed him and he complained  that I had been impolite to him.   This saddened me and I immediately objected.   In the meantime the door opened and the Palestinian went in. 

Afterwards, a man arrived at the police window, but the policeman was absent (he hadn’t told anyone that he would not be there).   The man was on crutches and it seemed that it would be difficult for him to pass through the turnstile without help.   Shlomit requested  the soldier to open the invalid’s door, but the soldier answered that he didn’t know how.   Shlomit told him that its his job to know, and the soldier answered that she is not his mother and not his girlfriend and she shouldn’t speak to him like that.  The incident was reported for further action. 

But the story didn’t end here, because a representative from Ben Gurion university arrived to collect passes which he had been told would be ready at the DCL.   The same soldier at the window explained to him that he should enter through the second door, but the second door was being repaired so he should go to the Beit-El  DCL.   We explained to the man from Ben Gurion who we are, and the bottom line was that we  managed to get all the passes issued to him.