Etzion DCL, Mon 3.12.07, Morning

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Haya A., Idit, Eda G. (reporting) translation Jonathan M.

Route 60, Nebi Yunes, Ezyon DCL

07:15 Hussan 

Traffic is flowing 

08:00 El-Nashasah 

Traffic is light 

08:50 Halhul 
Eight large and sealed trucks are parked at the side of the road. The drivers are on their lunch break. They are transporting mattresses from a factory in Hebron to stores in the center of Israel. They are denied passage at the Etzyon and Beitar Elit. The drivers are from east Jerusalem and have blue identity cards. They were trying to take a shortcut, and Hanna says that they need to go through Tarkumia.  

09:15 Nebi-Yunes 

People approach us with the usual requests. They are complaining that they cannot get any vouchers, neither in Ezyon DCL nor in Hebron. 

10:15 tEzyon DCL 

A few individuals are waiting for magnetic card – they walk in and get one. Seven people are waiting for the GSS – they have been waiting for over three hours. They include two people who were brought back from the Alenbi Crossing, one was on his way to Mecca and the other was heading for Tunis. When, and if, they get through is anyone’s guess.

Maher is manning the police window, but there are people waiting for him. First of all he has some meetings and he is not seeing people. After repeated phone calls four people walk in but come out empty handed. People complain that they have not received their pay vouchers for weeks and months, either Maher is out or that he is in a meeting. Why are the meetings held during the reception hours? Then we were told that the computer isn’t working and cannot print vouchers – endless excuses. Finally, Idit suggested that he takes their names and I.D numbers so they can get an answer over the phone when the computer is back on-line. Maher approves of the idea and calls two people over to take down their information. When can they get an answer? At some point. The services offered by Maher and the police are a constant hassle. You can’t even call it service. And the police claims that they improved their service.