Bethlehem, Etzion DCL, Wed 26.12.07, Afternoon

RB, DG (a young new Watcher) MBH (reporting)

It is the day after Christmas.   Little traffic at Bethlehem CP.

Nonetheless, 3 booths are open.


On route 60, between Gush Ezyon and Nebi Yunis, there are many military vehicles, some standing, some cruising, and quite a presence of soldiers.


Ezyon DCO:   The place has been hung with many signs, mostly in Arabic, posting hours, phone numbers, and other announcements we could not decipher.  It is cold, clean, and largely empty.   A 77 year old lady from Beit Sahur is there, distraught.  She is Greek Orthodox, and wants to pray in Jerusalem on their holiday, Jan. 6.   She also simply wants to visit Jerusalem, and can't for the life of her understand why anyone would want to prevent her from doing so, but prevent her they do.  All but one of the immediate family have been given permits, and in the past, so has she, and now for reasons mysterious to her she is GSS denied.   Her naive perplexion at the situation reminded us how unnatural it is, even for those living amidst it. Hana Barag will attempt to help her with her modest goal.


Bethlehem CP, 5pm:   The terminal is nearly empty.  We leave.