Abu Dis, Container (Wadi Nar), Ras Abu Sbitan (Olive Terminal), Sheikh Saed, Mon 7.1.08, Morning

Rina R, Maya B, (reporting)
6:30  Sheich Saed

Just three B.P. men.  not a soul coming across.  We ask the soldiers if there is no school today and the answer is  some  children passed and more come later.

The only man going across is the milk product deliery  man.  All the  others unless they have a license  just do not try.

Abu Dis 

We go up to what was the Hotel and is now a wrecked building  compliments of the B.P.  the gate is closed .  Only the settlers or Palestiniens who live there come through the gate, as well as some security guard.  We drive down to the once humming intersection of the gas station.  Everything is closed.  Even the last grocery store.  The same at the"pishpash".


A small trickle of people , men puting their belts back on and women all  covered still come out.  As always we talk to the drivers,  who tell us that yesterday afternoon the C. P.  was closed from 4-8  pm, with some excuse of technical problems, and people had to wait for hours to get back  to Jerusalem. 

They told us that in the morning hour about 120 workers came in. 

Wadi Naar
Is empty.  One minibus is stopped, a man comes to us and tell us he is a police refusee, although he has a clearance certificate and does not know how to overcome this obstacle.  We gove him Haya Ofek's telephone.