'Anabta, Ar-Ras, Jubara (Kafriat), Thu 3.1.08, Afternoon

Smadar H., Moran Y., Deb L. (reporting)
 14:00 – 14:44

14:00 A windy rainy day in the territories. There is a police car waiting at the entrance of the checkpoint at Jubarrah. We often see a police car there .We are told the police is always on the look out for stolen cars entering the territories.

 We enter the village of Jubarrah by opening the gate. It is always a surprise that we can just go in like that when opening that gate is forbidden to the villagers themselves. They can only go out by way of the "Children's Gate" which is on the Ar Ras side of   Jubarrah.

Donkey driven wagons seems to be the most prevalent mode of transportation in Jubarrah, other then walking. Once a Palestinian in this area told us that all the restrictions of movement and need for permits has caused the Palestinians to return to a more primitive type of life style.


The soldier checking IDs at the Children's Gate took a long time to check the ID of the driver in the car in front of us.   He didn't even bother to look up as we passed by.


There is a change of guard at Ar Ras. The army carrier bringing the new soldiers and picking up the ones going off duty is parked at the CP. The commanding officer informs us there are no special regulations today. Before the change of guard is complete the soldiers start some kind of combat exercise where one soldier runs off into the field and all the others squat in the booth, point their guns in his direction, and shout "Ash, ash, ash"( fire, fire, fire—this is suppose to represent the fact that they are shooting). While they are doing this the number of cars from Tul Karm is lining up but the vehicles from the direction of Qalqilyia are not stopped and can pass through freely.

14:22  The combat exercise is completed, the change of guard is over, the army carrier leaves and the checking of vehicles continues. There are now 10 cars on line. As we watch for a few minutes, only one vehicle is stopped to be checked thoroughly. The ID's of the passengers and driver were checked against a list and the back of the vehicle is inspected.   The other vehicles are stopped just to ask where they are going and are then waved on.


14:30 We leave.


Anabta 14:44

At this moment in time there is no line up of cars in either direction. Vehicles are waved on to pass through without checking.