Abu Dis, Container (Wadi Nar), Ras Abu Sbitan (Olive Terminal), Sheikh Saed, Wed 2.1.08, Afternoon

Ronit B., Tami B. (reporting)

Sheikh Saed 15:00

The place is fenced and fortified. It is manned by divil guards led by a BP soldier. A very thin traffic of people going in both directions. According to the soldier the gatesinfo-icon open when merchandise goes through or when an ambulance enters. According to the people living there the merchandise is transferred on the back, and the gate is openned only for military vehicles.

Sawahara west

A few fences and checkpoint have been put there since I last visited the place. The place is manned by civil guards and a BP soldier commands them. According to him the entrance is "forbidden to us" in a military order, but as we moved away he was very polite and explained (to our question) that the road around the place will soon be connected to Sheikh Saed, so the inhabitants will be able to get to Zeitim passage, to Sawahara, and from there to the west bank and to Beit Lehem. While we were there we saw only two people coming and going.

The pishpash

The place is manned by BP men. Here too we were prevented from going through, but the solider did try to check if we can enter anyway. The answer was negative - without any explanations. Very few people went through the checkpoint while we were there.

Zeitim passage 16:00 

The place seemed deserted despite cars that parked on both sides of the terminal.

The container

There was a big number of vehicles and pedestrians, The checkup is randomal, and waiting time is not long. The place is manned by BP men. We were forbidden to take photographs.