'Anabta, Ar-Ras, Irtah, Wed 10.10.07, Morning

Inbal D., Rina Ts. (reporting)

Translation: Galia S.


07:00 – Despite the late hour, there are many vehicles of Israeli employers and workers waiting for transportation. Nevertheless, there are no complains other than the one concerning the delay in the "rooms". One of the workers wants us to know that he and other Palestinians believe in the importance of values like human rights and equality among people of all religions.

The Agricultural Gate 753

Two youngsters who had no entry permit to Jubara were allowed to enter after the soldiers had had it checked on the computer over the phone.

Ar-Ras checkpoint (Farm 8)

07:20 – Empty in both directions. A single car that comes from the direction of Tulkarm passes without inspection.

Anabta (Einav)

07:40 – 07:55 – Thirteen cars from the direction of Tulkarm. It seems that the inspection is slow, because many get out of the taxis and pass the checkpoint on foot. One taxi driver is sent back. The soldiers claim that he has passed the line. He denies, but eventually he gives in and returns to the end of the line. Another driver who has passed the line is sent back. Taxi drivers would rather not waist precious time on waiting at the checkpoint. They lose the customers who pass on foot and take another taxi. The soldier who stands guard at the post keeps aiming the weapon at the drivers looking through the sight of the gun. We are sorry we forgot the camerainfo-icon.

It is possible that our presence here has expedited the inspection. Within 15 minutes the line has almost disappeared.