Bethlehem, Etzion DCL, Sun 18.11.07, Afternoon

Shlomit S. and Yael S. (reporting), translation Ruthie B.


Micky called me around 10 am to tell me of detaineesinfo-icon in Walaja. Since no other volunteers were available, and this is my shift, I left work at 11am and met with Shlomit at Walaja.

The soldier who waved us through told us of detainees who were there earlier. As we drive through the check point we spot a few Palestinians sitting 5 meters away from the fence, in a field.

We parked and approached them – the soldier who was present inquired about us, and a woman soldier who heard we are from Machsom Watch, came out from the compound and in an aggressive commanding voice, forbade the soldiers to give us any information, and forbade us to talk to her detainees.

We were told to back off, and chose to stand behind the dividing plastic barrier. By way of sign language we were able to understand that the Palestinians have been detained for 5 hours (since 5 am). I called the humanitarian center, and they put me through to Ezyon DCL. I complained of the long detention.

A Jeep arrived, and we were able to count at least 6 men getting on the jeep. The officer was cooperative and told us they were being taken for questioning at CP 300. And so we went to CP 300 (the Bethlehem CP). 

The two older men in the group were released. Four or five younger men were loaded on the jeep again, this time the soldiers did not agree to tell us were they are going. “I don’t owe you answers” said the border policeman.

Since by this stage we did not know how to proceed, we drove to Ezyon DCL. There we found 5 Palestinians who were summoned for GSS questioning waiting and waiting…

We had an interesting encounter with a Jewish Israeli woman from Gilo. She was trying to help a Palestinian friend, who had been denied access to Israel. She was trying resolve his restriction, so he could get back to his life. We gave them several phone numbers and with hope that the friends can help.

That is about it.