Bethlehem, Etzion DCL, Wed 28.11.07, Morning

RAchel M. and Ora A. (reporting) Yosef driving

Bethlehem, Al Nashash, Nebi Yunes & Ezyon DCL  


06.40 Bethlehem CP

A surprise:  5 checking booths are open and the queues are short.   People pass through quickly and no guards are seen in the vicinity.   A man, who comes out smiling, says: “Annapolis”. 

07.00 Al Nashash

Very quiet;  nobody requests our assistance. 

07.30 Nebi Yunes

Heavy traffic: cars, lorries, transits & buses.   Here too nobody needs us. 

0830 Ezyon DCL

The yard is desolate and the hall is empty.   Maher answers our telephone and says that he has already taken care of four people and now he is busy with the fifth one.   He complains that his computer is “out of order” and asks us not to send him “too many people”.   A young man (GSS excluded) asks for advice about finding a job.