Bethlehem, Etzion DCL, Wed 12.12.07, Morning

E only with Y driving
Bethlehem - 6:40 am
Six stations open for checking.  There are very few people in the different lines, which gave the impression that most had passed through.  However, two Ecumenical observers came up to the CP from Bethlehem, and tell us that there are yet many, many people waiting to enter, although the CP opened at 5:00 am.  They tell us the difficulty is that the metal detectors are working very slowly.
Al Nashash - 7:15 am
One man approaches us to ask if there has been any progress in solving his problem with being prevented by the Shabak from receiving a magnetic card.
Nebi Yunis - 8:00 am
A 40 year old Palestinian man comes by appointment to sign a power of attorney for help with a police report.
DCO - 8:40 am
The office is open and receiving people, although those seeking help with police matters must wait until 11:00 am, according to a posted sign.  A 35 year old woman from Bethlehem tells us that she works in a hospital in east Jerusalem and seeks a renewal of her permit.  She went to Bet El, and was sent here.  Now she is told to return to Bet El.  We get the attention of the soldier who now asks her where she lives and what her occupation is.  When he learns that she is a nurse, he invites her in, and in a short time she receives her permit.