Beit Iba, Mon 26.11.07, Morning

Nina S., Osnat R. (reporting)

 Translation:  Judith Green

07:55: There are about 10 vehicles at the exit from Nablus and another two on the humanitarian line.  Two vehicles at the entrance to Nablus.   The vehicles going out are carefully  inspected:  ID, permits, baggage, motor cover, glove compartment, etc.  Passengers in a vehicle which was not allowed to enter Nablus have to get out and go through the pedestrian line.  There is one truck which was detained for having a false permit.  The truck  is left  for the police to come and take it away.

Pedestrians enter without any inspection.  Pedestrians leaving Nablus are checked at a temporary stand, IDs and hand luggage.

There are two soldiers with drawn weapons in the area before the turnstiles.  Sometimes they stop youths and ask for their IDs, ask to lift up their jackets and do a hand check to make sure they don't have any weapons;  only then they allow them to proceed to the inspection booth.